“Let None of His Words Fall To the Ground”

1 Samuel 3:19 And Samuel grew, and the LORD was with him, and did let none of his words fall to the ground.


It’s Monday morning, 9/7/20, and the news is filled with comments concerning: (1) Liberty University’s wayward president, Jerry Falwell, and his wife,(2) a Southern Baptist Pastor who is enabling the “Abortion and LGBT Lobby, (3) ”accounts of “Trans Pastors,” Feminists, and Leftists in leadership positions, (4) a NYC Catholic Church placing pictures of porn stars, Marxists revolutionaries, and others on their altar, (5) the ongoing wars around the World, but particularly the wars in the Middle East, (6) the Covid 19 pandemic, (7) scurrilous remarks about candidates for president, and on and on we could go.


These troubling remarks remind us of the nouthetic (warning) ministry of the OT prophets and NT apostles. We need to emulate Samuel and his determination to let none of God’s Words “fall to the ground” (1 Samuel 3:19). But America, which has been blessed by God, has allowed God’s Words not only to fall to the ground, but to be adulterated through dynamic equivalent translating that is so bad it is often very vulgar. As a result, doctrine has fallen “to the ground” because faith in the preserved, inspired Words of God has been trampled by liberal, leftist, progressive, communist teachers in our schools and universities. The attitude is whatever “I” say the Bible says, is what “I” believe.

Most of the world has committed this travesty. There is a famine for His Words (Amos 8:11). It is not because they are not available. Rather, it is because they are not believed or trusted, and therefore His true Words are not obeyed anymore. (Ne.2:15).

Repentance is needed so that God will “cast all (their) sins behind (His) back [Isaiah 42:17]. But, His warnings are going unheeded even though the signs of Jesus’ return are everywhere, JUST LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS! (Matthew 16:3) If you don’t believe that then perhaps you should read carefully this little book that we published in 2018 which is available in our bookstore.